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Kitchen according to Winston

Winston Churchill was known as a fan of good food, selected drinks and Cuban cigars. He liked traditional English and French cuisine, avoiding Chinese cuisine and sauerkraut (which he thought was too German).  

The inspiration for our bistro's offer was a recipe book by its cook Georgina Landemare. It shows that in his time "the sun did not set over the British Empire". In addition to French recipes, there are flavors of distant countries - India, Ceylon (today's Sri Lanka) or Singapore. Therefore, we have included both traditional and exotic flavors in the bistro's menu, and we have supplemented it with selected regional products.  

Taste what Winston Churchill liked:  

  • Full English Breakfast was served in bed

  • Pol Roger Champain liked to drink, Port afternoon

  • The day also began and ended with a sip of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

  • Cigar, especially the Cuban Romeo Y Julieta (he allegedly smoked 250,000 in his lifetime) was not to be missed.  

Not only these treasures can be found in our MENU.  

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